Saving for Christmas

Each Christmas, envious of friends’ organisational skills, as they have been setting aside presents since January, I vow to be more prepared. So this year I’ve made a start, a very small start, but it’s a start.

I’m saving boxes!

Little boxes, on the hill side and they’re all made out of ticky tacky.

Sorry, I love that song.

These little boxes make lovely Christmas tree decorations, I wrapped this one in white paper first and then a page from a book finishing with black organza ribbon. ( I love books! and only used this as it was broken and about to be recycled. Check out second hand shops, I was amazed at just how many they recycle instead of selling on in the shop ).

But wait… that’s not all, I’m also saving bottles.

I’ve started using 250 ml bottles of red wine for stews and sauces. If I open a full bottle I only drink the rest and then regret it. These small bottles have enough wine for the meal and then the leftover bottle is a nice size for gifts of home made sloe gin or raspberry liqueur. I’m working on some vintage looking labels as a finishing touch.

So, this is me pretending I’m planning ahead and being organised for Christmas.



Simple spring table decoration

My very simple spring table decorations make the most of some vintage willow pattern tea trios that I’ve collected.

I blue tacked a small pot in between the side plate and the saucer to make room for the eggs and feathers and also to give the hole thing extra hight.

I left the band around the daffodils but moved it towards the flower heads to help keep them in shape and added some small pebbles from the garden to the cup to keep them central.

This makes a very cheerful centrepiece, great for afternoon tea this Easter and a good excuse to buy more tea cups.


Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my very first post.

I’m finally doing it, spring is most definitely springing and I’ve run out of excuses as to why I can’t just get on and start my own blog.

breath deeply, calm down, it’s going to be OK, It’s just a small blog that you’re only going to share with the world.

OK, I’m going to try not to have a panic attack now. Once I’ve given myself a thorough pep talk I’ll be back, with home made goodies, crafts and random stuff that I hope you’ll find as funny, interesting and inspirational as I do.


I did it   I did it   I DID IT.

I told you you could do it!… now log off, they can still hear you.